We exist to develop an in-depth understanding of the politics of work among academics, trade unionists, managers, and the general public in the Midlands.

We organise monthly meetings which are addressed by internationally renowned researchers of the world of work.

Our meetings currently take place on the second Tuesday of the month during term time at the Birmingham & Midlands Institute (walking distance from New Street) at 6:30-8pm. Check out the events pages to see our currently planned meetings.

Join us and stay up to date with our future events! We’re funded purely by our members, therefore, we ask that our academic (non-student) members contribute with £25 donation when they join. Students and non-academics are welcome to join and attend our events for free.

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We are democratically run society. In August of each year our members elect two chairs to run the society for the following year. Our two chairs for August 2019-August 2020 are:

Andy Hodder & Alex Wood at the University of Birmingham. Please contact Andy and Alex with any queries.